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DNA  Expert Advice

We recommend these websites:

DNA Testing Sites

There are three major DNA testing sites. We recommend using all three. Chances of a match increase by registering with every available site.

After you have completed any of these tests, be sure to upload the raw data to GEDmatch at v2@gedmatch.com. GEDmatch is free (donations welcome) and you can test your kit against anyone else who has a kit also, in addition to the matching that is automatically provided. Great ethnic study as well.

Why do it?

  • Because DNA evidence is irrefutable. This will put to rest any doubts there may be of your genetics.
  • Because this fills the "holes" of information that sometimes occur in agency/court documents.
  • Because it can lead you to extended family members who would otherwise not know you exist.
  • Because testing with 23andme can give you genetic medical information.*
  • Because you will discover your ethnic heritage.
  • Because by connecting with others on ancestry.com you can build awesome family trees.
  • Because even if you are already successfully reunited, you may be helping others who are still "lost." You could be the key to someone else's reunion.

    * As of October 21, 2015, the 23andMe service in the US now includes reports that meet FDA standards for being scientifically and clinically valid. New customers will receive personalized genetic health reports that include carrier status, wellness, and trait reports. With these added features the new price is $199. Current customers processed since December 2013 were done on the current V4 chip and will be transitioned to the new "experience" over the next several weeks. The status of those on prior chip versions has not yet been determined.