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Social Media Policy

The Internet has brought about many changes in searching, all good, but with complications. WARM is restricted by law to adhere to confidentiality rules, out of respect to birth parents' expectation of privacy. This means an adoptee who asks for WARM's assistance to search or confirm information, must agree to refrain from posting anything about the birth family (including non-captioned photos) on any social network while the case is being handled by WARM.

Oct 9, 2014

General Policy

Individuals requesting a WARM Court Search agree to use an approved, trained Confidential Intermediary (CI) for the initial contact.

Individuals with documented identifying information requesting WARM Non-Court Service, may either use a CI to search and contact, or receive search outcome information only.

Everyone who applies for search membership must complete WARM's application.

Everyone who applies for searching membership in WARM agrees to pay any out-of-pocket expenses incurred by others for their search.

WARM's organizational statement of position and policies concerning publicity, legislation, contact, or any other civil acts affecting records or procedures in the field of adoption, must be approved by the Board of Directors. This, however, shall not limit or prohibit an individual member from making statements as to their own belief.

WARM's policies and fees shall be reviewed periodically by the Board of Directors. Exception of any policy or fee must be approved by the Board. Any WARM member may request, in writing, a review by the Board of Directors of a specific policy or fee.

It is the policy of WARM that we do not discriminate in its staff, board, volunteers, committees, or recipients of services on the basis of a person's race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, veteran status or mental/physical disability.

October 4, 2000