Useful Links

WARM’s Recommended Links

About Adoption
A resource for information about adoption in general.

Adoptee Reading Resource
Books written by and for adoptees.

Adoptee Rights Coalition
Adoptee rights advocacy group with emphasis on unrestricted open records.

Adoptees On
Podcast on the adoption experience by adoptees.

The Adopted Life
Seattle transracial adoptee Angela Tucker, subject of documentary CLOSURE

Adoption Reunion Registry
One of the oldest reunion registries online.

The Adoption Ring
A collection of adoption-related sites.

Alison Larkin
A stand-up comic/actress who has experienced reunion and shares her experiences.

American Adoption Congress
A national non-profit organization bringing together local and regional search, support, and advocacy groups.

Bastard Nation
The original adoptee rights advocacy group, founded in Seattle and now based in Houston, Texas.

Cindi’s List of Genealogy Sites
This genealogy site is a good resource for those individuals who have some identifying information.

Concerned United Birthparents (CUB)
A national support organization for biological parents.

Link to page on searching through DNA testing.

Following A Tangled Thread
WARM-reunited adoptee Elle Cuardaigh and author of The Tangled Red Thread.

G’s Adoption Registry
One of the largest free registries online.

Gazillion Voices
International adoptee platform, started by a Korean adoptee.

Healing Works Therapy
Private practice therapist and reunited international adoptee in West Seattle.

International Soundex Reunion Registry
A free international registry for those seeking reunion.

Light of Day Stories
Maureen McCauley, international adoption advocate and writer in Seattle.

Lost Daughters
A collaborative writing project authored exclusively by women who were adopted as children.

PACER Post-Adoption Center for Education & Research
A non-profit adoption support and education organization.

Patrick MacMahon
Artist and author.

Transracial Family Coaching
Chad Goller-Sojourner is a critically acclaimed author and speaker on living as a transracial adoptee. (Seattle)