Why Choose WARM?

WARM has been reuniting families separated by adoption for over 40 years. It is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the entire country.

WARM has a team of search professionals who work together to do everything possible to make your search a success. We find virtually everyone and more than 90% agree to some form of contact with the searcher. If your assigned Confidential Intermediary needs to take a vacation or leave of absence, WARM’s team of equally qualified CI’s will step in and complete your case at no additional cost to you.

WARM’s Confidential Intermediaries are subject to the review of the WARM Board of Directors and Court Liaison. We believe in accountability.

WARM is a non-profit organization. All funds collected by WARM go directly to search fees, education, and support services.

WARM sees you, the client, as a whole person, not just a search case. WARM provides support group meetings where all are welcome to attend and individual counseling through the WARM Shoulders program.

Here’s what people have to say about us:

“Thank you for helping me prepare for the most exciting journey of my life.”
– Adoptee

“My sister looked at my profile and told my Mom who I looked like in the family. It was so great! I really did look like someone. I have never looked like anyone else in my whole life, except for my own son.”
– Adoptee and Birthmother

“…Brings adoptive families closer together for the adoptee to know he/she has that support…”
– Adoptive mother