Search Services

About Searching

We encourage family members to search as much as possible before coming to us. When all leads have been exhausted, the idea of making contact is too overwhelming, or there simply is no paper trail – we can help.

Our policy requires three things in order to work with you:

  1. The promise to not publically post any identifying information about the sought-after party.*
  2. All search work and/or information will be given along with the application.
  3. Complete disclosure of on-going results, such as making contact through DNA testing.

*This includes posting the sought-after person’s name or photo on online registries or social media, whether done by the client or well-meaning family and friends. Such postings constitute a violation of our “First Contact” policy and the case will be closed immediately without refund. 

A current list of services and fee schedule is below. Please read before requesting an application.

WARM recommends registration with the International Soundex Reunion Registry (ISRR).

Confidential Intermediary (CI)

All contact is done exclusively through one of WARM’s Confidential Intermediaries. Our CI’s are approved and recognized by all Superior Courts in the state. Highly skilled and dedicated, with vast experience in adoption search and reunion, they are trusted by agencies, attorneys, the Department of Health, and other adoption-related entities.

WARM has several CI’s, all of whom have their own field of expertise. All have been trained and certified as Confidential Intermediaries. If one needs time off unexpectedly other CI’s will cover for them, eliminating any lag time in the search.

Signed consent from both parties must be obtained before identifying information can be exchanged for any type of search.

Court Search

Legal access to sealed records when the adoptee was born or adopted in the State of Washington*. WARM petitions the court to open the sealed file, gathers appropriate documents, then assigns the case to a confidential intermediary (CI). The CI will search for, locate, and contact the person sought while keeping within the restrictions of the Court Order. A signed consent form must be obtained before identifying information may be exchanged. $400

*WARM has cooperation with a number of counties/states/provinces in North America to open sealed records where the adoption was finalized, as long as there is some connection to Washington state.

Non-Court Searches

Designed for those who have documented identifying information (i.e. the person’s name) for the family member(s) they are seeking but need help with the search. If, however, the information is minimal or the name is very common, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade to a court search to gain additional information. $300

Search Assist or Records Release

For those who have completed their search but want WARM to confirm their findings and make discreet contact. Client must provide documented search work. If information proves to be incorrect or no longer current, an upgrade to non-court or court search will be necessary.

Genealogy Assist for those who are researching family trees only (no search/contact). $200

DNA Assist for help with interpreting DNA test results and matches. $200 (This is included at no extra charge for Court and Non-Court searches.)

Also for Records Release, when no search is involved; such as for Tribal rights* or Immigration. $200

*Tribal Enrollment: Contact Tribal Council(s) for specific requirements of enrollment. Requirements between tribes vary greatly and are subject to change.

Birth Registry

WARM maintains a free reunion registry for birth families or adoptees born or adopted in Washington State. A match will be made if both parties register. In the event of a match, there is a $50 Reunion Facilitation fee.

For more information or to request a search application packet, please call or email the WARM office.


Fees are based on the expenses of an average search and cover costs of maintaining an office. Payment plans are available but must be paid in full before a case is turned over to a CI.

WARM is a non-profit organization exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.