WARM Journeys – December 2018


If you have ever called, emailed, or written to WARM, chances are you have talked with Pam. What you may not know is Pam has volunteered for WARM almost continuously since she reunited with her birth parents 40 years ago. Pam and her partner Rick work tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure all operations run smoothly. It’s a full time job, but Pam and Rick do it for free. In this issue we want to publicly thank them.

Three days a week you will find Pam and Rick in the WARM office. Pam handles phone, email, writes court orders, researches genealogy cases, advises clients, and acts as liaison between petitioners and agencies/courts. She also keeps WARM current on all bills, licensing, and insurance, as well as current adoption laws.

Rick meanwhile undertook the herculean task of scanning the files. Everyone who has ever been a client or donor to WARM has a file. Some are just a single piece of paper, others have over thirty pages. We are now up to client number 11000+ and Rick has organized and scanned them all. As a veteran, Rick also advises with searches involving military personnel.

Both Pam and Rick “check the books”, retrieve court orders, and copy microfilm for searches in King County, where most of our court searches take place. Both currently serve on the Board: Rick as President, Pam as Treasurer. They are very pro-active for WARM and stay in constant contact with the office. Pam even covers phone, email, court orders, and taxes while vacationing in the winter.

The most amazing part is how these two keep this small non-profit financially afloat. Most people do not realize WARM operates on a shoestring. (Which is why we so appreciate our donors!) With Rick’s support, Pam skillfully hones the budget so that WARM can continue to provide needed services. To say we would be lost without Pam and Rick is an understatement. They are the driving force behind WARM.